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Workers Comp & Insurance Solutions

General Contractor Solutions is your small business solution to the most perplexing Workers Compensation problems. We leverage our relationship with multiple partners and providers to get you the best fit at the best price. General Contractor Solutions clients know that General Contractor Solutions exists for one simple reason…to take care of business.

With over 100 years of combined experience plus a network of available experts ready to answer all of your questions, General Contractor Solutions is your partner in Success!           

Stop paying high premiums for workers comp insurance! By utilizing General Contractor Solutions’s Worker’s Comp Co-Op you can reduce your premiums even if you are in a hard to place industry such as Construction, Welding, Drywall, Concrete, Carpentry, Iron work, transportation, long and short haul or USL&H.  Partner with General Contractor Solutions to assure your business of Instant Compliance, Low Start Up Costs and Coverage for all of your Workers Comp and Risk Management service needs whether you have 1 employee or 500 employees!

Here is just a sample of the Workers Comp Solutions available through the General Contractor Solutions network of PEO providers:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Avoid Deposits: No work comp deposits!
  • Monitor Rates: Obtain the lowest rates through our constant rate evaluations
  •  Experience Mod Promulgation: Calculations of current Mods to determine future Mods and rates
  • Work Comp Code Checks and Audits: Verify current codes to ensure proper rates & coverage
  • Premiums: Paid as part of your invoice with workers compensation calculated and paid when you pay your wages. Fast, simple and convenient!
  • Certificates of Coverage: Provided upon request within 24-48 hours
  • Aggressive Claims Management: Claims are actively monitored to reduce losses and keep your costs under control.
  • Investigate Fraudulent Claims: Suspicious claims are aggressively investigated to reduce loss and assure your business remains as competitive as possible.
  • Coordinate Post-Accident Drug Testing: Identifies those injuries where drug use was a potential factor
  • Return to Work Programs: Coordinate rehabilitation efforts to expedite a return to work as soon as feasible to keep your business running smoothly and your expenses under control.
  • Insurance Carrier Financial Audits: General Contractor Solutions helps coordinate insurance carriers and handle their audit of payroll records
  • Insurance Carrier Safety Audits: PEO providers will assist with the implementation of loss control recommendations
  • Safety Manual: Research and prepare safety practices and policies customized to meet your business needs
  • OSHA: Provide mandatory posters, Accident and injury reports and other regulatory and compliance related information and support.            

Check out General Contractor Solutions’s Work Comp Co-Op!

Save time, money and assure your company is fully compliant with General Contractor Solutions’s exclusive service: