About Us


Company Background

General Contractor Solutions is more than just a name: It is a Promise and Commitment from our Group to yours. A Promise to deliver results and nurture a business relationship with each and every client. In fact, that has been the General Contractor Solutions secret to success.  Founded in January 2000 by Frank VanDeBoe, General Contractor Solutions saw the need for a merger between traditional insurance services and employee leasing (PEO) for small business owners. Drawing upon a strong desire to serve the client relationship, General Contractor Solutions grew quickly by earning a reputation as a “results oriented” provider, thus gaining the trust of small and midsize business owners. This early dedication to the needs of the client became the catalyst of General Contractor Solutions migration from a local Tampa Bay services provider to a national provider.

Today, General Contractor Solutions is a full service solution representing various employee leasing companies and prides itself on their unique capacity to handle even the most difficult to place clients with ease. General Contractor Solutions now enjoys a nationwide footprint while still holding strong ties to the Tampa Bay area it calls home. Headquartered in Brandon, Florida, General Contractor Solutions has established a broad range of Payroll Service, Workers Compensation and Insurance related services as their core business lines.  General Contractor Solutions growth has been consistent over the past 7 years;  expanding to 41 states with partners, affiliates and sales staff located throughout the United States. General Contractor Solutions has successfully assisted small business ranging from one man operations to over 300 employees however, the General Contractor Solutions area of expertise is in hard to place companies such as Construction and building trades.

With eight senior business consultants on staff and a client roster reflecting  some of the most complex building, construction and other industry trades; General Contractor Solutions is rapidly becoming known as an industry leader in an ever-increasing area of mission critical payroll, workers compensation, insurance and administrative solutions for clients nationwide.

General Contractor Solutions has an exceptional reputation for customer satisfaction. Corporate officers are highly visible and accessible to clients throughout the US.  In fact, the solid managerial competence is the main reason for General Contractor Solutions exceptional list of satisfied and repeat customers.  General Contractor Solutions has long-standing commitments and a comprehensive experience base focused on delivering proven solutions that ensure the customers’ goals are achieved at low risk. General Contractor Solutions proven business model translates into streamlined communication and operational processes, faster response time, and the ability to operate as an integrated team.  It is this unique combination of outstanding customer service combined with a depth and breadth of diverse industry experience that sets General Contractor Solutions apart.

Our Objectives

To continue to serve our clients while expanding our range of services and products that bring better value, increase productivity and profitability for General Contractor Solutions, our partners and clients.

Our Policies

General Contractor Solutions provides direct support with immediate availability to all of our clients: large or small through our dedicated and motivated team of associates and staff. General Contractor Solutions will continue to provide the most widely trusted and available solutions to our clients in order to earn and maintain their trust. We strive to continue offering greater services that compliment the needs of our clients including low cost marketing services and innovative debit cards.

Corporate Culture

The General Contractor Solutions corporate culture is a client centered environment that recognizes effort is not a substitute for results.  General Contractor Solutions management encourages direct communication with clients and as a team we continuously provide a high-energy, dynamic and challenging work environment for all our associates.