General Liability


General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance Quotes

Today more than ever small business owners are turning to general liability insurance as a way to increase their protection and decrease the risk exposure to unforeseen events. General liability insurance can also help increase your business and VC or capital acquisition efforts by providing coverage to partners and members for your business or joint venture. Unlike workers compensation coverage that protects employees while on the job, general liability insurance extends to the directors, investors and others that represent your company as well as providing additional liability coverage to reduce the risk of unforeseen events or product claims from the general public.

A General Liability policy provides financial protection in the event your business is sued for some injury or damages. It provides coverage to assist in the investigation or defense of lawsuits filed against your company…an increasingly expensive problem that could force your company into bankruptcy even if you are innocent! General liability insurance also covers attorney’s fees, witness fees, court costs and any judgment or settlement arising from a covered suit.

If you are ever held legally responsible for an injury, sickness or disease, General Liability insurance covers:

  • The cost of care
  • The loss of services
  • Restitution for any death or permanent injury
  • Property Damage
  • Loss of Use
  • More

General Liability Insurance Quotes

General Liability insurance is more affordable than you might think –especially when you compare the peace of mind and added benefit of protecting your valued executives or consumers against unforeseen risk. However, understanding the best possible coverage and most affordable premiums requires research and expertise. As a small business owner it can take days of valuable time to contact different agencies and try to compare premiums and services. Instead, make one simple call and allow our representatives to carefully analyze your small business needs and present the most competitive rates.

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