General Contractor Solutions: FAQ’s, Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PEO?

PEO stands for “Professional Employer Organization”. PEO’s provide cost-effective outsourcing services to small and large business owners including human resource management, employee benefits, payroll services and workers’ compensation services.

What is a PEO Broker?

General Contractor Solutions is a PEO Broker which means that we work closely with a wide variety of service providers to make sure you – as a small business owner – have access to all of the best services and solutions available. We can save you time, money and energy by matching your needs to the services of different providers throughout the country even for hard to place industries like construction! What’s more, General Contractor Solutions is able to provide a level of continuity as your business continues to grow. By partnering with General Contractor Solutions, we get to know you and your business while providing a single point of contact for all of your needs both today and tomorrow! There is no cost or obligation to speak to a General Contractor Solutions representative.

Who benefits from using PEO services?

Many small business owners are able to benefit from the services provided by a competent and knowledgeable PEO service. General Contractor Solutions handles many different types of companies, industries and sizes ranging from small one man operations to relatively large accounts. However, each and every business receives the same level of professionalism and individual support!

How does the process of contracting with General Contractor Solutions for PEO services work?

We begin by working directly with each and every business owner to compare the best suite of services that will fit the needs of your company. General Contractor Solutions negotiates on your behalf for the very best rates and services while making sure you understand the pro’s and con’s for each option. Is General Contractor Solutions able to handle my out of state needs?
Yes! In fact, General Contractor Solutions operate in 41 states and is able to place even those difficult industries that others cannot! General Contractor Solutions provides a single point of contact for all of your small business needs even across multiple states. For a complete list of states General Contractor Solutions currently handles, click here!

How can My Business Benefit from using PEO Services?

Research shows most small business owners are not very good at the administrative and paperwork aspect of doing business. By allowing small business owners to focus their time and energy on the “business of their business” a PEO can save you time and money! General Contractor Solutions has a relationship with a wide variety of providers to assure you only contract for what you need when you need it. As your business grows, a PEO can provide different levels of services including payroll and accounting, regulatory compliance, risk management, insurance and employee benefit programs all with one point of contact! On top of that, your company has access to many benefits and employment amenities you could never afford on your own without the backing of a large collective team!

Here is just a sample of the items a PEO provider is able to handle on your behalf!

* Payment of wages and compliance with the rules and regulations governing the reporting and payment of federal and state taxes on wages paid to employees including social security, medicare and Federal income tax.

* State unemployment taxes and Workers Compensation

* Employment laws and regulations including federal, state, and local discrimination laws, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, ADA, FMLA, HIPAA, Equal Pay Act, and COBRA.

How can My Employees Benefit from using PEO Services?

Your employees benefit from professional human resource services, training, employee manuals, safety services and improved communications. Depending upon your specific needs a PEO can also provide employees with an expanded employee benefits package that includes a 401(k), life insurance, disability insurance, discount plans, a flexible spending plan and comprehensive benefits. In fact, by contracting with General Contractor Solutions, you and your employees may be able to obtain affordable, comprehensive benefits including health insurance, dental and vision care, life insurance, retirement saving plans, job counseling, adoption assistance, and educational benefits!
Contracting with General Contractor Solutions is truly a Win-Win Situation!

Will I Loose Control of my Business?

No! You retain full ownership and control over the operations of your company. Think of a PEO as a partner in your success! As co-employers the PEO and your company contractually share employer responsibilities and liabilities with the PEO typically assuming responsibility for administration, payroll, taxes and benefits. You continue to have responsibility for worksite safety and compliance. Depending upon your business type and needs, various levels of involvement may be contracted. Consult with your General Contractor Solutions representative for specific information related to your industry and needs. It’s FREE and there is no obligation to speak to a representative!