Letter From The Owner


CEO Welcome

As General Contractor Solutions nears its eighth anniversary, it is only natural that we take time to reflect on where we have been and where we are going as a company. General Contractor Solutions began in response to the needs of small business owners just like you who were not adequately represented by insurance agents or employee leasing representatives. Forming General Contractor Solutions required a leap of faith to explore a new business model that reflected a client centric philosophy and approach to doing business. A philosophy that is as true today as eight years ago.

The General Contractor Solutions philosophy has always been to combine knowledge and relationships for a true ‘win-win’ situation. Every attempt has been made to bring top talent and the most knowledgeable and trust-worthy experts to provide the level of experience and expertise you have come to expect.

General Contractor Solutions takes pride in representing a wide variety of employee leasing companies so we can match clients with the PEO that best meets your needs. We also offer a full line of services and tools to assist in your workers compensation, liability and benefit solutions. However, the true measure of our success is the individualized attention and dedication we show each and every client. At General Contractor Solutions, our success is built one relationship at a time.

Client relationships have always been the heart of business for General Contractor Solutions and remain so today despite having expanded to 41 states with over 200 of the most talented agents in the country. General Contractor Solutions continues to offer innovative services to our clients including low cost marketing services and innovative debit cards clients can provide for their employees direct deposit and check cashing convenience. General Contractor Solutions is your partner in success today and tomorrow!

On behalf of the entire staff at General Contractor Solutions, we thank you for your support and continued loyalty.


Frank VanDeBoe

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

General Contractor Solutions