Return to Work Programs Save Time and Money
Research demonstrates that the faster an employee returns to work the healthier they will be. Injured employees that remain off the job longer are less likely to return to work…ever! Injured workers tend to remain off work three to four times longer than what is deemed medically necessary. Obviously this means loss productivity and increased premiums for the small business owner. Protect yourself and your employees by implementing a formal return to work program. Allow workers to return to light-duty or part-time work until they are able to resume full schedules and responsibilities. Not only does it lighten the load for the rest of your staff but it also re-assures workers that their positions are secure and allows them to continue earning wages even while recovering from injury or illness. Workers Compensation Co-Op is a leading provider of small business solutions including Workers Comp, payroll and other solutions. We are happy to provide free consultations upon request. Just pick up the phone and call us today!