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Meet Our Executive Staff!

Our team at General Contractor Solutions prides itself on our extensive knowledge and our exceptional reputation for Customer Satisfaction.

The dedicated staff members at General Contractor Solutions are always on hand to assist you with all your business needs!

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Frank VanDeBoe : CEO and Founder

Frank VanDeBoe founded General Contractor Solutions in January 2000. Recognizing an unmet need in the Professional Employee Organization (PEO) and insurance fields, VanDeBoe launched General Contractor Solutions to bridge the gap between the needs of small business owners and the objectives of remaining financially viable and competitive.

Prior to forming General Contractor Solutions, VanDeBoe built a successful PEO career while rising through the ranks with notables such as Staff Leasing, Southeastern Employee Leasing and Employers Alliance. VanDeBoe has a background in sales and management which have served him well in acquiring top talent and growing General Contractor Solutions to 41 states with over 200 of the most talented agents in the country. Under the leadership of VanDeBoe, General Contractor Solutions has expanded their current service menu to include innovative marketing services, debit card and a variety of progressive solutions for clients.

VanDeBoe remains committed to the local community as well as passionate about the need for a strong relationship with clients. As a serial entrepreneur, VanDeBoe recognizes the need for small business owners, start-ups and partner affiliations to continually address the ever changing legal, financial and administrative landscape in order to run and grow a successful business.

Mike Martin : Executive V.P. and Chief Operating Officer

An award-winning leadership executive with nearly 20 years of industry experience, Mike Martin has a track record of leadership and success. Martin founded and served as CEO of an Orlando-based leasing firm for seven years. He also progressed through the ranks at Staff Leasing, Inc., to become regional manager of six branch locations prior to establishing his own firm. While with Staff Leasing, Martin surpassed all prior sales records and within a year, had built the 3rd most profitable branch in the entire nation. Shortly thereafter, Martin was responsible for building the number one region at which time he left to open his own PEO business in December of 1995. Starting from the ground up, Martin grew the company to $35 million dollars in gross billings by the time he sold the company in 2003. Martins rise at General Contractor Solutions has been equally enthusiastic as he continued his unsurpassed level of achievement and dedication to break all sales record and move through the ranks to his current position of General Manager within two years.  


Steve Hartmann : Chief Financial Officer

Steve Hartmann is a senior financial executive with more than 25 years experience in Public and Private Accounting. Prior to joining General Contractor Solutions, Hartmann served in a variety of Public and Private settings including notables such as Coopers & Lybrand (now Price Waterhouse Coopers), Action Temps, Global Warehousing Inc., and Richard L. Brown & Company, CPA’s. Hartmann has been a licensed CPA since 1982 after obtaining a BSBA degree from Appalachian State University in 1978 with a major in Accounting. During his tenure, Hartmann has specialized in Non-profit and Private Companies subject to the rule of the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC Guidelines providing an exceptional level of expertise and experience for General Contractor Solutions clients. Hartmann is founder and President of Global Warehousing Inc., a successful public warehousing company which he owns with his wife. As a successful small business owner, Hartmann has first hand experience and insight into the issues and challenges facing business owners.