Why Every Business Absolutely Must Have General Liability Insurance

Commercial insurance is required by businesses to help cover the costs of property damage and liability claims. A company’s owners may be compelled to pay for significant losses and legal claims out of pocket if they don’t have business insurance. Depending on the conditions, this might be a financially disastrous scenario for business owners. In several areas, businesses are required to purchase specific types of business insurance.

One of the most significant forms of insurance for a business is general liability insurance. All other insurance plans are built on top of it. Working with your agent will guarantee that you have adequate coverage.

Risk of Workers Suing

The hazards of on-the-job accidents that might cause significant injury and/or death are why you need workers’ compensation insurance, as long as you are not irresponsible. If you have only one employee, you are required by law to acquire this sort of commercial insurance.

Risk of Clients, Customers, and Strangers Suing

This danger is higher since you normally don’t realize there’s an issue until it’s too late. Though a clumsy client trips and falls at your establishment, even if it is their fault, you may be subject to a lawsuit.

This is why, even if having general liability insurance for your business is not required by law, you should have it. To not have general liability insurance and jeopardize all they own, a company owner would have to be foolish.

Your agent will do a full commercial insurance analysis and recommend the proper level of general liability insurance for your business, as well as other commercial insurance to supplement it and protect you against other dangers.

To receive a quotation for general liability insurance or any other business insurance requirements, you can contact your agent.


Are you the owner of a company? Are you ready for some shocking numbers? According to Forbes, between 36 percent and 53 percent of small firms in the United States will face a lawsuit each year. 90 percent of all small companies in the United States are embroiled in litigation at any given moment. Americans are among the world’s most litigious individuals. If you own a business, the question isn’t if you’ll be sued, but when. This is why it’s important to have general liability insurance.

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